Camp Cocoon

We’ve attended Camp Cocoon for several years now,and we’ve just finished up this year’s facilitation of a very large drum circle. Each year,we try to bring new activities and new ways for the camp’s youth to explore rhythm in a community setting. We had an all-time highest helpers crew this year! Not only did the camp really go above the call of duty and help us with our equipment,but Alchemy had 8 representatives to work with the campers.

Camp Cocoon is a bereavement camp for Hospice survivors,ages 5-17. The camp does a great deal of therapeutic work in many inventive ways for the children. We’re honored,as always,do be a part of their services.

The video below is from 2007,I believe. The Alchemy Drumming &Dance circle form an intro for their video presentation of the camp’s message and services.

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